Roof Structural Evaluation and Remediation

Last modified on March 6, 2020

Roof mounted solar arrays require building permits.  Building permit applications require proof of structural capacity.  In order to prove that your roof has structural capacity to accommodate a solar array a structural evaluation is required.  This evaluation is done by a Professional Engineer and the Engineer will produce a stamped drawing and/or letter as evidence of structural capacity.

Usually Generation Solar will contract with a structural engineer to evaluate your roof as part of our contract to you.

A structural evaluation will have one of 3 results:

  1. The roof has structural capacity and the project can proceed.
  2. The roof has structural capacity provided some minor structural remediation is undertaken first.  The report will usually identify the needed remediation.
  3. The roof has a major structural deficiency and addition of a solar array is not permitted unless major structural remediation is undertaken.  Defining this required remediation is generally additional work.

In our experience >85% of roofs evaluated fall under the first category, with no remediation required.  The balance require some degree of minor remediation.  Very few roof are rejected outright. 

Adding a solar array to your roof is a relatively minor addition to its structural capacity.  If major remediation is required it’s not because of the solar array addition.

Generation Solar employs technicians experienced in and capable of addressing the vast majority of minor remediation tasks an engineer is likely to require.  If it’s complex we’ll bring in a partner or work with your preferred construction contractor.