Battery-Based Backup Power Systems

Last modified on February 26, 2021

“We don’t truly appreciate what we have until it’s gone.” Roy T. Bennett

If you have forgotten the old warning about taking things for granted, the next power outage will surely help you remember. A power outage used to mean candlelight and board games while you waited for the lights to come back on. Now, though, things are considerably different. Our lifestyles have changed and our expectations for power reliability have gone up. Our homes and offices overflow with devices that drive our days forward. On top of our increased need for electricity, extreme weather and an aging power grid are causing more frequent power outages. If these unpredictable interruptions are a major source of stress in your life, a battery based backup power system can provide protection from outages and peace of mind.

Each battery based backup power system can be designed based on your specific requirements. System costs vary greatly as cost is impacted by factors such as the size of the system (which is driven by the amount of backup energy you need for your appliances), the types of technologies employed, and the incorporation of complementary components such as solar arrays, a back-up generator or internet monitoring. In general, residential battery backup systems cost somewhere in the range of $18k to $35k.

For more detailed information on battery backup systems, check out our video below.