Cleaning Batteries

Last modified on December 11, 2020

To maximize battery bank performance and lifespan it’s important to keep the tops of batteries clean and dry. Dirt, debris, and moisture can contribute to corrosion and leakage currents and should be removed.

Dampen a disposable rag with distilled water to gently wipe batteries clean. Be sparing with the distilled water; there should not be pools of liquid on the battery tops. If needed, rinse the cloth with distilled water and repeat.

Use rubber gloves and safety eyeglasses for this operation and be aware that there may be acid on the battery tops, so your cloth and rinse water may be acidic. When done, neutralize the acidic rinse water with baking soda before disposing of the water and cloth.

Ensure that the cleaned areas dry, either by evaporation or you can encourage drying with a dry cloth.

If there is acid on the batteries you can use a little baking soda to neutralize the acid but don’t let any baking soda get into the cells! Wipe multiple times after with a rinse cloth dampened with distilled water.