Why choose solar?

Last modified on January 15, 2024

For many people, it’s a simple question with a simple answer: because it’s the right thing to do. But that’s vague and mysterious. Can we clarify that? What makes it the right thing to do? To help, read this important article on the benefits of clean energy: Check it out here.

And here are 3 more things that we think are important for you to consider:

  1. Clean energy is about choice. Historically, Ontarians had no choice in their energy source. Sourcing decisions were made by governments and large scale generation companies. Consumers just paid the bills. Solar energy, on the other hand, can be generated anywhere by anyone. This is a radical and powerful change and it puts choice in the hands of energy consumers like never before.
  2. Clean energy is about long term resiliency. It’s true that many clean energy sources are intermittent — they are not available all the time. In the short term, this intermittency creates challenge to store energy and then deploy it where and when it’s needed. In the long term, however, the resulting smart energy system, with distributed and integrated generation and storage, will be highly resilient to disruptions and will allow for very localized responses to localized energy challenges.
  3. Clean energy is about taking action. It’s easy to feel hopeless in the face of climate change. The solution is to take action. Action looks different for each and every person, household, and business, but what all actions have in common is interest and accessibility: we take the actions that interest us and that are accessible to us. For some, this means active transportation. Or putting up a clothesline. Or buying local. Or replacing a fossil fuel furnace with a heat pump. Not everybody is interested in clean energy. Not everybody has access to the required space, funds, or electrical connection capacity. But for those that are interested, and for whom it is accessible, it’s an important and powerful action.