Net Meter System Sizing

Last modified on March 9, 2020

When sizing a net metered solar energy system we work within 3 constraints:

  1. Energy target
  2. Space constraints
  3. Budget constraints

Your energy target is up to you, but most folks want to displace 100% of their annual electricity consumption to be ‘net zero’. In order to design a system to achieve this we’ll need to know what your consumption is. This information is contained in your electricity bills and is represented as kWh/month or kWh/day. To get a comprehensive view of your consumption we’ll want 12 months of consumption data. You can send us copies of your bills are just capture the kWh/month from each of 12 successive bills.

Space constraints refer to the available mounting area for solar modules (panels), either ground mounted or roof mounted. If we are space constrained and trying to increase generation we may recommend using a higher efficiency solar modules to get more kWh of generation out of a fixed area.

Budget constraints are always a reality. If you have a had budget please consider sharing it with us so we know your expectations and so we can design a system to come within your budget.