Maintain your investment through proper care

Practical, affordable and thorough; our preventative maintenance service helps to maximize the returns from your investment. Generation Solar’s trained technicians have the equipment, skills and experience to manage every element of service. We’re locally owned and we believe in delivering prompt, personable, professional service. We will develop a solution customized to each site to ensure the safety, function, and performance of your solar system.

Performance Monitoring and Assessment

For further peace of mind, we can monitor the performance of your energy system in order to identify and address issues as they arise. We can do this on an ongoing basis or on demand. We can monitor metrics, receive relevant email alerts, and dispatch a crew as required.

Condition Assessment

If you are considering buying a property with a solar array, an inspection of the solar system is just as important as a building inspection. To ensure you are purchasing a system that will meet your needs, we can do a condition assessment so you know what you are getting. Generation Solar can also provide strategies to extend the life of an older installation or improve its performance with replacements or upgrades.