COVID-19 is a global pandemic with significant impact on Generation Solar operations. We have created a safety plan to identify the steps we will take to ensure safety of staff and clients as business resumes. This plan is summarized here.

Project Priorities

Projects relating to safety and projects under way prior to the provincial state of emergency will be given priority over new installation projects. Projects providing backup power for essential loads will be given priority over new generation projects.

Risk Assessment

Sites will be assessed for COVID risk prior to the start of work.  If elevated measures are identified as being needed, they will be discussed with owners prior to the start of work.

Clients are expected to self-identify risk factors related to themselves and their sites.


Our COVID-19 response plan will be available to all stakeholders.

Employee schedules will be tracked to ensure traceability.

The plan is a living document and will be updated as needed and conditions evolve.

Protective Measures

A variety of standard and elevated measures will be put into place to ensure safety including

  • Personal protective and hygiene measures;
  • Physical distancing;
  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitizing;
  • Appropriate scheduling of staff and shifts to reduce group sizes; and
  • Provision of PPE and sanitizing supplies as needed.

We are confident that with a good plan in place work can proceed. The safety of all our stakeholders is of primary importance and we welcome your feedback on our plan.

Download our COVID 19 Safety Plan