Tracking system no longer tracks

Last modified on April 7, 2020

Have you lost track?

If your system was installed with an automatic tracker and no longer seems to follow the sun, it will certainly impact performance.  When working correctly, a tracker can increase energy production 10-25% over a fixed array but when a tracker gets stuck, especially when it gets stuck far from south, production will be even lower than a fixed array.  There are three equally likely culprits with a faulty tracker:

  • Sensors
  • Control boards
  • Actuators

It’s very difficult to tell the difference between them without a detailed investigation but an easy thing to try is the manual override.  All trackers have them.  Try using the manual override to put the array in an optimal position.  Does it move?  If yes, and the actuator motor sounds normal during the move, the issue is likely a sensor or control board.  If no, the issue could be any of the three but is most likely an actuator or control board.  If it moves but is laboured or wobbly it could be a bent actuator or it’s become over loaded (from the cold, snow, ice or wind).  We deal with all the major tracker manufacturers.  Parts are available and we’ve likely seen the issue before.

Solar tracker repair
Getting back on track