The John Howard Society approached us to see if advances in renewable energy technology could help reduce its impact on the environment, use sustainable energy sources, and use public funds effectively. The Society was happy to hear us answer yes to all three.

From the beginning, it was clear that this roof was going to be a challenge. It was a combination of pitched shingle roof and a flat attached (ie. not ballasted) roof covered with EPDM. We collaborated with the roofer and designed a mounting methodology that was structurally sound. As the flat roof was also somewhat crowned, a simple run of straight racking would not suffice. In the end, we used a custom racking design that was shimmed at every contact point to produce a level mounting surface for the panels.

The Society was proud of their efforts to be environmentally responsible and wanted clients and passersby to know what they had accomplished. To this end we worked with a local graphic designer to develop the content and presentation. We then contacted a leader in custom digital high pressure laminate to create the outdoor signage.