At a private school in Toronto, a far-sighted board of directors saw the potential of a roof top solar array to generate an extra income. The project had plenty of challenges but the end result was a 50 kW FIT system that satisfied the client’s desire for a secondary income for the school and a demonstrable leadership position on climate change.

As school was in session, construction and service had to be carefully scheduled to minimize disruptions. The school roof was composed of multiple roof types and three separate sections and heights. Our challenge was finding a type of racking that could accommodate all of these variables and maximize the roof’s potential. In the end, we decided on a ballasted (penetration-less), rail-based racking system to take advantage of the medium sized roof with its multiple rectangular parcels of workable space. To help raise awareness of the array and its abilities, real-time system performance data is displayed on a large television in the entry way for all to see.