J.W. Gordon Custom Builders Inc. crafts fine homes with timeless design and quality construction and they need quality partners to help them implement their client’s vision. In the fall of 2019, when a client sought deep electrification, J.W. Gordon trusted Generation Solar as the partner to design and build the required solar energy system.

To help realize the client’s goal of a property with zero fossil fuel consumption, rooftop solar arrays were mounted on both the residence and a drive shed for a total production of 57kW (DC). Combined with three Mitsubishi high-efficiency cold weather heat pumps, the solar systems contribute to the overall goal of deep electrification. Since the residence had a standing seam steel roof, S-5! clamps were used to provide a worry-free, penetration-less rooftop mount for the array. Black-on-black modules create a simple black roof befitting a modern getaway in the wooded countryside north of Mono.