In Newmarket, a homeowner hired Fourth Pig Green and Natural Construction ( to perform a deep energy retrofit to Passive house standards on the family residence. Fourth Pig, in turn, contacted us to develop a Solar (PV) plus storage system that would allow the client to produce and store his own energy.

Designing a suitable array for the roof top was challenging because the limited roof space was also broken into four separate surfaces. By using a double rail system, we were able to install the panels in a landscape orientation and maximize the available space. We also used the Solar Edge system, which uses modular optimization to maximize the potential of the roof top array. The combination of S-5! seam clamps with the existing standing seam steel roof meant that there were no penetrations of the roof and the thought of leaks would not be keeping the client awake at night. Lastly, in a growing trend referred to as “solar plus storage,” a Tesla Powerwall was incorporated into our system design to allow the client to produce his own energy and store it as well.