Living in the GTA, our clients originally purchased this property as a summer getaway destination, a peaceful retreat nestled in the scenic countryside south of Roseneath. When they chose to make this property their retirement destination, they planned to use deep electrification to reduce, and eventually eliminate, the burning of fossil fuels. First steps included replacing their oil burning furnace with a geothermal system and replacing the car, riding lawn mower, and tractor with electric models.

To get one step closer to the clients’ goal of net zero, Generation Solar designed and installed a PV plus storage system. Mounted on a mono-slope drive shed specifically designed to maximize solar exposure, the net metered system incorporates lithium battery backup to keep the lights on during any grid outages. Since growing needs are a real possibility, we designed the whole system to be expandable: both inverter and battery capacity can be easily increased to provide a full 100A of backup service for the entire house, garage and drive shed.