Our client owns property on the shores of beautiful Stoney Lake and wanted to embrace renewable energy to produce his own energy at the family cottage. The solution was a net metered array atop the boathouse with the eventual goal of becoming net zero.

The challenges in this project arose from limited roof space, a waterfront site, and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the boathouse. To address the first issue, high efficiency modules were used to squeeze a 19 kW PV array onto the relatively small boathouse roof. Given the limited roof access of a structure surrounded by water on three sides, a single access point off the gable was used to ferry men and materials to the rooftop. All black modules were used to give the appearance of a simple black roof; a modern design twist on an iconic Stoney Lake boathouse. This system is also noteworthy as it was designed from the beginning to incorporate future Tesla Powerwalls for backup power.