How Do I Select a Contractor?

Last modified on April 7, 2020

Volumes have been written on this topic and so all the usual things you would expect certainly apply:

  • Shop local
  • Get multiple quotes
  • Talk to references
  • Visit past projects to see examples of work quality
  • Confirm proper license and insurance
  • Preview contracts

Perhaps most important: find a contractor that’s a “good fit” —  one that will be enjoyable to work with, have similar communication styles, and in whom you have confidence and trust. Trust your gut.

A ‘good fit’ contractor will also be a long term partner, one able to help you maximize the benefit of your energy system investment over time and provide professional and valuable service and advice when needed.

Beware of low price; there are many contractors willing to do a job for less, but few able to do a job well.

Your solar project should be a time of excitement and joy! Choosing a good contractor will help make that a reality.